Fame Media Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known name in the field of Electronic media in the city of heritage Hyderabad. A private limited company engaged in providing services of a Multi-System Operator (MSO) to various local cable TV operators of Hyderabad city was incorporated in the year 2007. Fame Media Pvt. Ltd. is in this line of activity for about 15 years and is well conversant with the cable TV industry. It started as a very small network and gradually it has reached its heights with the help of its dedicated team. Since its inception, we have been piloting the TV network and have seen a massive expansion in coverage and popularity.

Under the expansion plans, Fame Media Pvt. Ltd. Launched 4tv News pan India on 02nd April  2014. It’s a full-fledged 24-hour Urdu news channel covering the entire India. Our focal point is to promote Urdu, Islamic, and Indian culture giving due treatment to all newsworthy events, developments, people, institutions, trends, and issues in all important walks of national and international life – politics, government, economy, business, industry, sports, travel, society, entertainment, foreign affairs, education, health, development, the arts, culture, fashion, technology, lifestyle, environment, internal and external security, defense, agriculture, etc. We have a clear vision of where we want to reach and have a well-planned strategy to achieve that.

We believe that the truth should be at the core of news. So let the news be news only. We believe that all sections of society are equal and therefore should be heard and reported as equals. There are several things that distinguish 4tv News from the other, and ever-growing, a clutch of news channels in India. We don’t just cover events and life of the metros and urban India But rural and remote areas too.

We believe this significant, educated, and affluent audience is looking for a content platform that focuses on real news, real people, real issues; 4tv News is a platform that captures the changing nature of Indian politics, culture, and Urdu speaking people worldwide, lifestyles, aspirations, and nationhood; a platform that reflects and shapes the wave of positivity, confidence and constructive spirit of India in the making. Hence our tagline–Haq Ki Awaz.